Who We are

Anyone can assemble a team.

The real magic happens when like-minded people align behind a set of values and commit to a mission.

This Practice is powered by that kind of magic because, life is too short to work with people you don’t like.

Our team

Bashar Wali

Chief executive officer

Consummate host, quintessential hotelier and rebel at heart. Bashar knows how a hotel can - and more importantly should – be run because he’s done it all. He’s obsessed, not just with hotels, but with what makes a hotel feel special. Because it’s not service or stuff, it’s humans that drive him. The humans who build hotels, work in them every day and check in for a night.

Kate Buska

VP of Brand & Communications

She’s a dream weaver, storyteller and strategist. Not in that order. Kate creates things people want to experience and share. She finds the news in the nuances and makes it relevant and resonant to reporters but the rest of us, too. Their readers, our guests. Down in the trenches or shouting from the rooftops, she’s always out for more than our fair share of the conversation.

Leslie Lew

VP of Revenue & Distribution

A deep thinker and man of deliberate, decisive action. Since day one, Leslie has been at the forefront of the evolution of revenue management. And he’s not stopping there. He’s cutting through the noise to find areas of opportunity and looking at old things in new ways in search of nothing less than transformation. Heart led. Boundary defying. Fearless transformation.

Zie Zie Senzaki

VP of Sales & Marketing

Say hello to our pied piper. Our alchemist. The one who finds just the right people to make a place, event or thing memorable, brings them together and makes it happen. Zie Zie brings a hospitality sales foundation built on a bedrock of born-with-it people skills to the game. The consummate connector, she’s putting together our next great collaboration as we speak.

Klaudio Simic

VP of Operations

Mastermind, mentor, motivator and steadying force. Klaudio leaves no stone unturned and no detail unattended in his pursuit of optimizing hotel operations. He knows how to get it done because he’s been there and done it himself. And, done it well. A master at operating with an ownership mindset, he builds teams, equips them and delivers the results. Every time.

Holly Landry

Corporate Director of Finance

It takes someone very good to get these results and make it look easy. That’s Holly’s mission: to make the financial aspect of our business seamless, streamlined, accurate and institutional quality. Every month, every quarter, to the penny, without fail. An expert at developing and implementing processes that work, she ensures the bottom line is always top of mind.

Join our team

We don’t believe in working with strangers.

At Practice Hospitality, we believe in seeking out the best and putting people first. We align your dreams with our shared goals so we can make the most of the time together and do epic things. It’s hard work but it’s worth it.

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